BrewDog's Latest Project is a Crowdfunded Craft Beer Hotel
Appleton Estate Celebrates 20 Years with Joy Spence
Veil Brewing Co. Creates an Oreo-Flavored Beer
Keurig and AB InBev Partner to Create a Homebrew Appliance
Female Brewers Have Teamed Up to Create a Charitable Anti-Trump Brew
Rick Astley is Teaming Up with a Danish Brewery to Create His Own Beer
US Millennials Are the Cause of a Major Irish Whiskey Boom
BrewDog is Releasing a $20,000 Beer Stuffed in a Taxidermied Squirrel
Robot Truck Makes World's First Self-Driving Beer Delivery
A Scottish Brewery has Made Beer from Clouds
What Your Choice of Drink Says About You
Are Environmentally Friendly Six-Pack Rings The Future of Beer Drinking?
Regulations on Cuban Rum and Cigars Have Now Been Lifted
Cannabis Beer from Colorado to be Released Nationwide
Praise Mediocrity! $100 Billion Ab InBev, SABMiller Merger Approved By Shareholders
London Scientist Creates Synthetic 'Hangover-Free' Alcohol
The Inventor of St. Germain, Robert J. Cooper, Has Passed Away at 39
A McDonald's in South Korea Will Be the First in Asia to Offer Beer
Denver Bartender Moving on to Las Vegas for National BARocker Competition
#TousAuBistrot, Parisians Show Strength by Going out to Bars En Masse
Dogfish Head Founder Sam Calagione Launches New Print Magazine Today
You Can Now Buy Whisky Scented Clothing
311 Releasing an Amber Ale with Rock Brothers and Nebraska Brewing
Cuteness Alert: Meet Budweiser's Newest Clydesdale
MPAA Forces Minneapolis Brewery to Change Name of 'Rated R' Beer

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