The Corner Office: Creative Comfort Cocktails

The Corner Office: Creative Comfort Cocktails

The restaurant may be called The Corner Office, but the folks at this downtown eatery want you to loosen your tie or kick off your heels and relax. The place has a bit of a '60s vibe, and serves what can only be described as global comfort food, accompanied by comfort cocktails with a mix of flavors that keep you intrigued from one drink to the next.

Mixologist Ben Anderson, who moved here from Minneapolis, likes to juxtapose flavors – think sweet and sour, tangy and tart, fruity and spicy. He is on a mission to introduce the Denver area to the complexities of gin and absinthe, alongside traditional cocktail spirits like vodka and rum.

For example, The Flower Child uses Bombay Sapphire East gin, elderflower liqueur, green chartreuse, crème de voilette, sauvignon blanc and lemon to create a citrusy yet tart sip. There are so many tastes going on in the glass, it’s hard to keep track, almost like a tennis match for the tongue. One of his most popular offering is Life’s a Peach (Seagram vodka, peach liqueur, soda water and housemade syrup) which Anderson says is built differently — normally vodka would be the main spirit, but here his focus is on the peach liqueur, the vodka is the compliment.

One of Anderson’s personal favorites is Just Another Goat Rodeo. Made with Milagro silver tequila, Licor 43, blackberry, pepper, honey and lime, the drink can be loosely defined as a margarita. After tasting it, we can tell you: this is one unique margarita. The fruity berry hits you first and then the spices kick out the back of your throat. It's quite an experience. Another popular drink is the Starlight, an absinthe cocktail that’s approachable.

Absinthe can be an acquired taste, but when St. Germain, ginger beer, lime and mint are added to Leopold Bros. Absinthe Verte along with an anise sugar rim, any absinthe reservations are quickly forgotten. Instead, the drink reminds us of grandma’s candy dish, as does the Monroe (vodka, white crème de cocoa, butterscotch, caramel and topped with salt). This sweet and salty mix makes a fine dessert. For those who prefer bourbon, the Remember Autumn uses Buffalo Trace bourbon, apricot, lemon and raw sugar with an orange garnish for a mix that's fruity up front with a smooth and smoky bourbon finish.

Happy hour at The Corner Office runs 3–6 PM, every day, and also 9–11 PM, Sunday–Tuesday and 9 PM–midnight, Wednesday–Saturday. During happy hour, you'll find discounts on small plates, wines by the glass and 10 beers on tap. Tuesdays are Tini Tuesdays, with half-priced house martinis. When you go, be sure to leave some words of wisdoms on the Post-It note wall in the restroom.

1401 Curtis Street; 303-825-6500

Photos by Carrie Dow


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