5 Best Bets for Curing a Hangover in Denver

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5 Best Bets for Curing a Hangover in Denver

Imbibe a little too much last night? Overdo it just slightly on the drinks? Fear not, we can help. Here are five ways to make that morning hangover all better, and tips on where to do them best in the Denver area. You'll be back at the bar in no time.

Water: Nature’s best cure-all is good old H2O. Not only is water good for a hangover, but if you alternate your drinks with a glass of water while imbibing, you can decrease the chances for a bad hangover in the first place. Colorado has the best water in the world — obvious when you consider all the great booze people make from it — but because our climate's dry air can really zap your energy, hydration extra important. Try Eldorado Natural Spring Water for a refreshing sip.

Exercise: Another hangover cure is to get up and move, something we do a lot in Colorado anyway. Exercise gets the blood flowing so all those toxins you consumed previously will be expelled from your system faster. The great thing about Denver is that your 20-mile bike ride or 5k run can also serve as transportation to your favorite watering hole, like Strange Brewing or Denver Beer Company on the Greenway Trail or Mountain Toad Brewery at the end of the Clear Creek Bike Path in Golden. If you choose exercise, be sure to follow our first suggestion and consume plenty of water while doing so.

Eat Breakfast: While food may be the last thing you want to consume, eating can help replenish lost vitamins and minerals and a full stomach can also help with alcohol absorption, and Denver has plenty of great breakfast spots. If you can get up early, Snooze is one of the most popular, but you can't expect to just walk into the place — lines around the block are the norm at both the Colorado Boulevard and Ballpark outposts. Syrup (which also has two locations, Downtown and Cherry Creek) is quickly become a popular breakfast stop because breakfast is served all day. Other hangover joints include the Denver Diner on Colfax and Speer, Breakfast King over on Santa Fe and Mississippi and The Breakfast Inn in East Denver near Evans and Monaco.

Eat Hearty: Speaking of food, some people say a little spice will do the trick for that hangover. Denver’s variety of eating establishments can help. Examples include the Ceviche Dorado at Zengo or Pozole at Tamayo. A pizza can replace lost carbs and protein so head over to Wazee Supper Club for a classic cheese or Marco’s Coal-fired Pizzeria for roasted peppers and artichokes. For something grilled and greasy try TAG Burger Bar, The Highland Tavern or the Highland Tap and Burger for a burger and fries.

Hair of the Dog: Ok, we don’t necessarily recommend this because you’re only prolonging the inevitable. But if you must, a little alcohol in the AM, while not a cure, can help ease the symptoms. The best drink for this is a Bloody Mary and Denver serves up some great ones. Try Steubens for a thick and tomato-y Mary with housemade bacon-infused vodka. The Bloody Marys at Racine’s have a kick with pepper-infused vodka. For the ultimate Bloody Mary, The Corner Office serves up a Bloody Mary bar every Sunday with brunch and choices include marinated olives, pickled eggplant, watermelon radishes, shoestring potatoes, bacon and all kinds of hot sauces and spices. That'll fix what ails you.

Top: breakfast burger at TAG Burger Bar; bottom: Bloody Mary bar at The Corner Office


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