8 Great Bar Snacks to Munch on in Denver

Don't read this if you're hungry...
8 Great Bar Snacks to Munch on in Denver

When enjoying a favorite adult beverage, it’s always a good idea to have some food with those libations. However, sometimes we don’t need or feel like having a big meal. That’s where bar snacks come into the picture. With all the great food Denver has available, there are some pretty tasty snacks out there. Whether imbibing at happy hour or having a late night craving, these bar’s tasty tidbits will keep the party going.

Mix and Match Sliders
Highland Tap and Burger 
(2219 W. 32nd Ave.; 720-287-4493)
For happy hour, the bar offers mix and match sliders (two per order) for only $5. Sliders choices are Root Beer Pulled Pork, All Natural Beef, Pulled Chicken and Polidori Sausage. Good luck choosing just two! 

Duck Fat Fries
TAG Burger Bar 
(1222 Madison St.; 303-736-2260)
You had us at Duck Fat! But what really puts these fries over the top is a little sweetness from the sugar in the TAG spice. A small pate is $2.50 and feeds three people. For a bigger group, the large plate is $5. 

Jax Fish House 
(650 S. Colorado Blvd.; 303-756-6449)
Try something different for happy hour. Over in Glendale, this seafood joint has oysters flown in daily from the east coast and serves them up at happy hour for only $1.25 each. That’s $7.50 for a half dozen. 

Pimenton Popcorn
Second Home (150 Clayton Lane; 303-253-3000)
This Cherry Creek bar and restaurant has one of the most delicious, yet reasonably priced, happy hour menus found in the metro area. Our fave? The Pimenton Popcorn! Using truffle, paprika and sea salt, this tasty basket of heaven is only ONE George Washington (that’s one dollar to the monetary impaired). 

Onion Rings
Cherry Cricket 
(2641 E. 2nd Ave.; 303-322-7666)
We can’t forget about this fried favorite. The onion rings at the Cricket are light and flakey and taste great with either the ranch dressing or honey Dijon. A half basket is only $3.50 or splurge and get the full basket for $4.75. 

Pork Belly Dumplings
Parallel Seventeen 
(1600 E. 17th Ave.; 303-399-0988)
Feeling spicy? The XO dipping sauce totally spices up the slightly sweet pork belly dumplings and kimchee at this Vietnamese bistro. Pair it with the Cucumber Basil Martini to tone down the spice. Only $4 during happy hour, it’s worth ordering two. 

Tavern Tots
Highland Tavern 
(3400 Navajo St.; 303-433-1990)
The Highland Tavern’s Tavern Tots are so popular, they now have T-shirts for them (Nice Tots!). These golden balls of starch are made from scratch using Kennebec potatoes, fried to perfection and dipped in ranch dressing. A small plate is $4.50 and large is $6.50.

(3760 Tejon St.; 303-455-9852)
The Italian soup at this cucina is great anytime, afternoon or evening. The restaurant calls it a starter dish, but with 13 different vegetables and pasta it will satisfy any hunger while enjoying Gaetano’s great cocktails. A small bowl is only $5. 


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